Martin’s Grimillion

This evening at Capclave George R.R. Martin read an excerpt from his forthcoming Dangerous Women anthology (edited with Gardner Dozois).  Specifically, from his new novella about the Westeros civil war known as the Dance of Dragons.  It was awesome, of course, filled with all the intrigue and double-crossing you’d expect.

The amusing thing was that the novella, at 35,000 words long, was apparently cut down (at Martin’s request) by Dozois from Martin’s original 80,000-word manuscript.  And that manuscript was in turn an excerpt from a 200,000 word history that Martin cut out from his eventually-to-be-published Song of Ice and Fire coffee table book.  The theme, in case you’re missing it, is that Martin’s Westeros projects end up being really long.

Before the reading Martin mentioned that he might turn his unpublished Westeros history into his own version of Tolkien’s The Silmarillion.  The working title: The Grimillion.

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