Announcing the Midnight Legion

The Midnight Legion is an interactive story with stunning artwork, visual puzzles and the opportunity to explore an intriguing future world.  It’s also my latest collaboration with C. Aaron Kreader and Studio 9 and my first foray onto Kickstarter.

Join the Legion

Support our campaign!  Visit our Kickstarter page.  Post the link to Twitter or Facebook (the short version is  And if you know anyone open to a good story, a good game, or both, please forward this message to them.

A few more details…

You are an android agent who has been activated after hundreds of years of stasis. Your scheduled mission is still centuries in the future, but your underground base has been invaded and you are needed to defend it.

Unfortunately, it will take time for your memories to return. As you fight, trick or sneak your way up from the lower levels to the surface and your memories begin filtering back, you realize that your mission is not what you thought it was—and you may not be who you think you are.

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