Review: Easy Roller Dice

Last week, Easy Roller Dice Co. sent me a package of dice to review.  Evidently they overestimated the popularity of my website.  To date I’ve reviewed plenty of books, music, and an eclectic mix of what I suppose you could call Places I Think People Should Visit, but gaming accessories weren’t on the list.  However, as my wife has pointed out, apparently I have an opinion about everything, and that includes polyhedral dice.  I was paid for all the aforementioned reviews—by the publications I wrote them for, of course, not the companies that provided the products or services—which isn’t the case this time, since I’m posting this to my own blog.  I suppose the dice themselves can be considered remuneration, of a kind that’s likely to keep the writer honest: you can’t bribe someone to write a deceitfully positive review in exchange for something he or she doesn’t actually like.  Fortunately, I do like the dice, which means everybody wins—including you, because now you know where to get your next dice set.

In my story “A Game of Dice,” a group of charmingly surly misfits plays a simple gambling game where high roles win, and the currency is years of each other’s lives.  As the pot grows, the dice get heavier, and throwing them down is like releasing an imposing pair of weights.  If that scene were real, the players almost certainly would be using the Gunmetal Dice series from Easy Roller Dice Co.  The set I have is impressively heavy, and it looks like it was designed for a game with high stakes.

Gaming accessories can be works of art in their own right, but to fulfill their purpose they should also add to the gaming experience.  They enhance a game’s atmosphere while it’s being played, or provide a continuing source of inspiration and impatience as you’re waiting for the weekend to come around again.  That’s probably why trying out the polyhedral Gunmetal Dice is making me want to put a new gaming group together: the seven-piece set is beautiful, hefty and solid, and with its faux leather case I feel like I’m carrying serious equipment for a serious enterprise.  It makes me want to play something.

I also received two sets of plastic dice, one burnt amber and the other emerald swirl, each with a black carrying pouch.  My friend Greg thought they felt unusually light, although I didn’t notice a weight difference from the dice I already owned.  With their beveled edges the plastic Easy Roller dice seem to roll longer, and more satisfyingly, than the comparison set, but without any way to quantify this I’m willing to acknowledge that it just might be my imagination.  Like any good dice set, the numbers are indented and printed in bold, easy-to-read ink.  They are easily among the most attractive dice I’ve ever owned.  (The honors for most attractive have to go to the Gunmetal set.)

The Gunmetal Dice are formed from a zinc alloy and hand plated in reflective black nickel.  All the dice are standard size (16mm).  I recommend both the plastic and the metal sets, with the plastic for everyday use.  These are my new go-to dice.


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