Human Rights Kindle Edition

The Kindle edition of Human Rights in an Advancing Civilization is now available from In general it’s identical to the print edition, with the exception that unlike the print edition it lacks the full text of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights and the two foundational human rights treaties (the Covenants on Civil and […]

Zanjan Video

This video for Zanjan was created by Shane Lamberth, who also contributed art to the last comic book I did for Above and Beyond. Stewart Mathison provided the concept, following a very rough video I slapped together late last year.  Daniel Adebayo narrated.

The Jews in Shanghai

Between 1933 and 1941, when the rest of the world was closed to them, about 30,000 Jews escaped Nazi Europe for Shanghai. The United States and Britain repeatedly failed to open their borders to Jews fleeing the continent. In Mexico and Chile, the number of Jewish immigrants was severely restricted. The British and Americans suggested […]

Zanjan in Boston and Illinois

The Studio 9 book release celebration for Zanjan, in Wilmette, Illinois on November 19, drew 60 people from several states.  Artist C. Aaron Kreader spoke and answered questions, and the event ended with demo tables for his new fantasy card game Villagers & Villains. My first book talk for Zanjan came two weeks later on […]

Renewable Energy Projects in Nicaragua

This is the first in a series of guest blog posts by Alissa Emmel about renewable energy projects in Nicaragua. I just got back from three weeks in Nicaragua, and so Aaron has asked me to write some guest posts about the application of renewable energy and appropriate health technologies that are helping the rural […]

Ten actions to take today

Kids in Kahkabila, December 2010

There are a lot of different ways to get things done. But while I was researching Taking Action, I kept noticing some of the same things in successful development projects all over the world, from small initiatives in out-of-the-way places to well-funded international agencies. The list below isn’t meant to be exhaustive, but it does […]

Zanjan Cover

Here is the cover for Zanjan, illustrated by Aaron Kreader.  After years of research, writing, penciling, and inking, the book is slated for release this year. I spent a year on research before starting the script, because both of us wanted to make sure we got it right.  (Zanjan is an historical fiction graphic novel […]

Happy New Year, and welcome to the new site

Today marks the launch of my new website, with some major changes in both appearance and functionality. Partly the revamp is based on the fact that an overhaul was simply overdue, but it’s also intended to make it easier for the site to accommodate updates about several new projects that are slated for release this […]