The Prediction Engine

My new story, The Prediction Engine, is out now from Every Day Fiction. It’s a flash fiction steampunk Western.  It’s also based on a story I wrote more than a decade ago, and which on a whim I decided to update and submit. I enjoyed working with Every Day Fiction…they have an entire team of […]

New story on its way: “The Prediction Engine”

My next short story, “The Prediction Engine,” is a flash fiction steampunk Western.  It will be appearing in Jan. or Feb. in Every Day Fiction.

Zanján in Delaware

Friday night I had a great discussion about Zanján with the Anime and Manga Club at the Dover, Delaware Public Library in the Teen Loft (pictured).  A lot of them are artists and writers and their questions focused on craft, including scriptwriting, editing, multi-media storytelling, violence in stories, character development, and storytelling in videogames. After […]

Brainstorming in Chicago

I spent this past weekend in Chicago, where I met with Aaron and Lisa from Studio 9 to discuss a new project — what would be my first collaboration with Aaron since Zanjan.  I had come with my own notes and concepts, but when Aaron outlined his idea for me I knew immediately that it […]

Goodreads Giveaway

I’m giving away five copies of my new book, Human Rights in an Advancing Civilization, on Goodreads on April 12. Click below to enter. So that people who already have a copy aren’t penalized, if you have purchased a copy and you win, I will send you one additional signed copy of any of my […]

Party buses

I’m wrapping up my novel, and I just did some of the last research I needed in Panama.  Among the many cool things I got to see over the past couple of weeks, one of the most amusing was the city buses, most of which are privately owned and, like the one shown here, are […]

A new Kickstarter fan

I recently contributed to C. Aaron Kreader’s Kickstarter project DungeonCraft (and encouraged my contacts to do so as well).  Based on one of Aaron’s alerts, I proceeded to support a second project, Arcana Agency.  Both have exceeded their funding goals and apparently are on their way to manufacturing.  In the process, I discovered something interesting, […]

Selimiye Mosque

The next scene in my novel manuscript: a chase in northern Turkey.  I took this photo of the Selimiye Mosque in Edirne, the backdrop for one of the pivotal moments.

Flying Lesson

Today’s scene in my novel manuscript: one of the characters has his aircraft sabotaged and falls from the sky at 8,000 feet. I try to draw from my own experiences as much as possible; here’s a picture of me in a Cessna getting a flying lesson.  Fortunately, we landed safely.

Novel update

Now that I’m in the midst of writing my new novel, I’m trying to get down at least 1,000 words a day. Some days I breeze right by that; other days, finding enough time to make that much progress is pretty hard.  But I feel that once you have the first chapter right, everything else […]