• “A Small Price to Pay” in Planet Scumm

    Solana bribed her way back onto Earth to retrieve secrets from her past, but it turns out others want her there for reasons of their own.  My new story, “A Small Price to Pay,” is out now in Planet Scumm.

  • “Change or Die” in Vex Mosaic

    “Change or Die,” my second essay for Vex Mosaic, is out now.  It explores ways that civilizations can fail or succeed, through the lens of Neal Stephenson’s most recent novel, Seveneves.

  • “The Last Mission” in Empyreome

    Fewer than eight hours were left before the end of the world, and Jamie still had one thing left to do.  Read my new story, “The Last Mission,” in Empyreome Magazine’s Weekly Flash series.

  • Midnight Legion, Book 2: The World Reborn

    Midnight Legion, Book 2: The World Reborn is available now from the publisher, Studio 9, and for preorder from Amazon.  The World Reborn is a standalone, interactive science fiction novel and the sequel to Operation Deep Sleep.

  • “His Brilliant Eyes” out now in MYTHIC

    My new story, “His Brilliant Eyes,” is out now in the Summer 2017 issue of MYTHIC.  Please head over to get the issue or subscribe.

News and Updates

Announcing the Midnight Legion

The Midnight Legion is an interactive story with stunning artwork, visual puzzles and the opportunity to explore an intriguing future world.  It’s also my latest collaboration with C. Aaron Kreader and Studio 9 and my first foray onto Kickstarter. Join the Legion Support our campaign!  Visit our Kickstarter page.  Post the link to Twitter or […]

CNN, You’re Wasting Our Time

Let’s get this out of the way first: the only reason you’re even on is that I’m in a Geneva hotel room and there aren’t many other English-language options.  I suppose I could turn on Fox News, but that mostly exists to frighten old people.  If I actually wanted news, I’d look online, where I […]

New Story: “Jacob Gayne, Vice President”

Jacob Gayne fails to the top in my new satirical short story, “Jacob Gayne, Vice President,” just out from Every Day Fiction.

Later this month: “Jacob Gayne, Vice President”

I’ll be returning to Every Day Fiction this month with my new short story, a satire of workplace bureaucracy. “Jacob Gayne, Vice President” will be published online May 18.

Human Rights in The Review of Faith & International Affairs

      Human Rights in an Advancing Civilization was reviewed not long ago (Vol. 12, Issue 2, 2014) in The Review of Faith & International Affairs.  From Benjamin Schewel, PhD: Some of Emmel’s most thought provoking insights emerge in the two chapters that narrate the gradual expansion of human rights from the time of […]

The Woman Who Read Too Much

Tonight at the University of Maryland I saw author Bahiyyih Nakhjavani speak about her new (for the United States–previously published in Europe) novel, The Woman Who Read Too Much.  Nakhjavani’s work has had a major influence on me, particularly her emphasis on the importance of challenging fundamentalism and asking questions, including the questions we’re afraid […]


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