Zanjan Video

This video for Zanjan was created by Shane Lamberth, who also contributed art to the last comic book I did for Above and Beyond. Stewart Mathison provided the concept, following a very rough video I slapped together late last year.  Daniel Adebayo narrated.

Zanjan in Boston and Illinois

The Studio 9 book release celebration for Zanjan, in Wilmette, Illinois on November 19, drew 60 people from several states.  Artist C. Aaron Kreader spoke and answered questions, and the event ended with demo tables for his new fantasy card game Villagers & Villains. My first book talk for Zanjan came two weeks later on […]

Zanjan available for pre-order

Zanjan is now available for pre-order: I see that Barnes&Noble is also offering my thesis, “Do human rights influence state security?”, as an ebook.  It’s pretty expensive; I’d stick with Zanjan.

Zanjan page added

I’ve just posted a page for the forthcoming graphic novel Zanjan (accessible on the menu bar above).  Currently it has basic information such as the target release date, but as that date gets closer I will continue to update the page with news and resources, including ordering information. Anyone wanting to make sure they are […]

Illuminated Inspirations

For the book design of Zanjan, Studio 9 commissioned Bridgette Schnider of Illuminated Inspirations to provide illuminating graphics.  They’re beautiful and a great match for the book overall.  It’s also fitting because my wife and I have one of Bridgette’s paper cuttings hanging up in our foyer.

Zanjan Cover

Here is the cover for Zanjan, illustrated by Aaron Kreader.  After years of research, writing, penciling, and inking, the book is slated for release this year. I spent a year on research before starting the script, because both of us wanted to make sure we got it right.  (Zanjan is an historical fiction graphic novel […]