Midnight Legion Update

We regularly get asked about the Midnight Legion, Book 3 release date.  I just posted a response to a new comment on themidnightlegion.com, so I’ll share the update here as well: the third and final book is done!  At least, the text isI finished it at the end of May, so now we’re on to play-testing, and C. Aaron Kreader is finalizing the art and layout.  I had hoped to have my end wrapped up earlier, but then we took a break to develop the mini-game prequel for Free RPG Day (this Saturday!), and then we got feedback from my friends Greg and Tom, my go-to puzzle advisors, that a few of the puzzles needed some refinement.  Anyway, now the book is done, it should be in people’s hands and fine hobby stores everywhere this fall, and I can find a new project to take up way too much of my time.

I’m really grateful to everyone who’s come along for this ride.  I can’t wait to see the cover art!

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