• The Bigger Picture Podcast: Future Vision

    In May I joined three fellow authors for a panel discussion at Balticon 52 on the topic of finding optimism in a world that doesn’t always seem to warrant it.  The panel was moderated by Charlie Brown and hosted by Vex Mosaic, the online magazine of speculative thought to which I’ve contributed two essays.  The […]

  • “Twelve Months” wins Apparition Lit’s June flash fiction contest

    My story “Twelve Months” has won Apparition Literary Magazine’s June 2018 flash fiction contest.

  • New, Limited Edition Midnight Legion Adventure: Last Recruit

    There’s a new Midnight Legion mini-adventure! Tomorrow, Studio 9 will release a limited edition prequel to the Midnight Legion trilogy, Midnight Legion 0: Last Recruit, for Free RPG Day.  Go here to find out whether your local hobby shop will carry it.  And if you miss it, don’t worry—it will be featured as one of […]

  • “Irini” in Broadswords and Blasters

    When a coup drives out Princess Irini’s family, she has to decide where her true home is.  My new story, “Irini,” is out now in Broadswords and Blasters.

  • “A Small Price to Pay” in Planet Scumm

    Solana bribed her way back onto Earth to retrieve secrets from her past, but it turns out others want her there for reasons of their own.  My new story, “A Small Price to Pay,” is out now in Planet Scumm.

News and Updates

Dover Comic Con

The first Comic Con hosted by the Dover Library in Delaware, held this month, sounds like it was a huge success–they expected up to 1,000 attendees and had more than 2,000.  Now plans are already underway for next year. Although I was listed in the program, I ended up being unable to attend.  But I’m […]

New hosting service

I just moved this site over to MDDHosting on the advice of my friend David Henderson…and it’s already loading faster.

Human Rights reviewed in ONE COUNTRY

Human Rights in an Advancing Civilization is reviewed in the current issue of ONE COUNTRY (“Where human rights have come from — and where they are likely to go“): …Mr. Emmel takes readers on a tour of the history of human rights, going back to the concept of sanctuary in Jewish and, later, Roman law. […]

All the Countries in the World

Yesterday at DC’s Awesome Con a huge crowd turned out for Pinky and Brain voice actors Rob Paulsen and  Maurice LaMarche.  At one point LaMarche mentioned that Paulsen had only required a single take for the Yakko’s World song on one of their other shows, Steven Spielberg’s Animaniacs, and he urged Paulsen to sing it […]

Reflections on Business Plan Evaluations

The judges for the GW Business Plan Competition semifinal round met on Monday to decide which teams are going to the finals on April 11.  It was great to see so many good ideas, and to be able to send the best ones through.  But in my opinion the feedback the teams got was just […]

GWupstart Social Entrepreneurship Competition

Over the past week I’ve been evaluating business plans for the annual George Washington University Business Plan Competition.  I’m a judge for the semi-final round of the new GWupstart Social Entrepreneurship Prize Track, which encourages student social entrepreneurs to “create effective solutions to the most pressing global and local social and environmental problems.”  There are […]


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