Evolution EP

My friend Jay Braden just completed this cover artwork for Tyler McLaughlin’s new EP Evolution.

How an official blog post gets written

Here’s what a writer’s career arc looks like: I used to put other people’s names on things I wrote, and now other people put my name on things they write. The operational concept here is that any time you see something written by someone on behalf of an organization, especially if that person has a […]

Human Rights Cover

Here’s the cover for Human Rights in an Advancing Civilization.  It’s actually been up for a few weeks now on the publisher’s website. If you’ve browsed human rights books before, you may have an idea of how challenging it is to come up with a cover image to represent a concept.  Of the books on […]

Story Mapping My Next Novel

These plot and character notes came from my notebook, and from here are going into a timeline in Excel.

Zanjan Video

This video for Zanjan was created by Shane Lamberth, who also contributed art to the last comic book I did for Above and Beyond. Stewart Mathison provided the concept, following a very rough video I slapped together late last year.  Daniel Adebayo narrated.

Fall 2012: Human Rights in an Advancing Civilization

My next book will be out from the publisher George Ronald this fall: Human Rights in an Advancing Civilization. Like my last book, Zanjan, Human Rights was years in the making. It includes a history of human rights from pre-civilization to the present day; a look at the relationship between human rights and contemporary issues […]

Traditional vs. self-publishing

I’m often asked what I think about self-publishing. Normally what I say is that I have friends who have self-published and are happy with the experience.  They have complete control over everything that happens, and these days publishers expect writers to do most of their own promotion anyway. The longer answer is, as an editor […]

Human rights book title reject list

Five minutes ago I signed off on the edited manuscript for my next book, a look at human rights that explains why they’re important, how the theory of human rights was developed, and how that theory might change. It’s easy to sit back and bask in the satisfaction of another project done, but “easy” and […]

Zanjan in Boston and Illinois

The Studio 9 book release celebration for Zanjan, in Wilmette, Illinois on November 19, drew 60 people from several states.  Artist C. Aaron Kreader spoke and answered questions, and the event ended with demo tables for his new fantasy card game Villagers & Villains. My first book talk for Zanjan came two weeks later on […]

Zanjan available for pre-order

Zanjan is now available for pre-order: I see that Barnes&Noble is also offering my thesis, “Do human rights influence state security?”, as an ebook.  It’s pretty expensive; I’d stick with Zanjan.